premiers of Canadian composers

  • Beatch, Stuart: Pange Lingua / Resurrectio / Prairie Bound
  • Bolden, Benjamin: Tread softly
  • Cattel, Margret: Constancy / I sing the Sacred Wolf Song
  • Cronkite, David: Draco
  • Fulton, Kristopher: The Twilight Cities / O seeker of dreams
  • Gagnon, Alain: Paroles Dorées
  • Giacomin, Cy: into the earth / the man and the echo / Lovesong / Hometree / There was a time / Our Father / The Centenarian
  • Gilliland, Allan: There is a sound
  • Hatfield, Stephen: Patient Love
  • Hooper, John: Io Vivat
  • Hossfeld, Christoph: Ave Regina Caelorum / A seal upon your heart
  • Lai, Joseph Cheukman: Agnus Dei
  • Leclair, Hugues: Nouvel Espoir
  • Noble, Jason: the shadows flee away / Missa Remissionem Peccatorum
  • Novotny, Michal: Ghariib / Do not go gentle into that night / Sveta / the eye beholds itself
  • Rival, Robert: L’ Aube
  • Schafer, R. Murray: Hear the sounds go round
  • Smallman, Jeff: Sanctus
  • Togni, Peter Anthony: Missa Liberationes
  • Whittall, Matthew: As one listens to the rain
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